Don't Expose Your Sensitive Documents to Wandering Eyes

Don't Expose Your Sensitive Documents to Wandering Eyes

Trust the Wofukey Corporation for health industry filing and document scanning in Vallejo, CA

When it comes to health-related documents, you can't afford to let unauthorized personnel view sensitive information. You have to abide by HIPPA regulations, and an average scanning shop is not the place to do so. The Wofukey Corporation is a secure health industry data backup and document scanning company serving the Vallejo, CA area. You can count on us to digitize your sensitive documents and return them to you in an organized backup drive or business cloud.

Contact the Wofukey Corporation now to ask about our health industry filing and data backup services. You can schedule a document pickup time in the Vallejo, CA area at your convenience.

What makes our process so reliable for health care professionals?

The Wofukey Corporation has helped countless clients in the health industry create a data backup for their paper documents. Clients trust our health industry filing and scanning work because:

  • We're compliant with HIPPA and PCI regulations
  • We can work with doctor's offices that are closing down and need to store their files
  • We know how to organize health industry documents properly

To take advantage of our health industry filing, scanning and data backup services, call 510-280-5449 today.